About our Riding

Parkdale – High Park is the best part of the best city in the best country in the world.

Parkdale – High Park is an Electoral District that makes sense.  Historically and geographically there is logic to Parkdale – High Park being one Electoral District.  The boundaries of our community stretch from South-East to North-West along the railway line from Lake Ontario to the Humber River, roughly following Dundas Street.  The Humber River and Lake Ontario are the Western and Southern boundaries.  In order to leave or enter our part of Toronto, one must either pass through a tunnel, cross a bridge or sail away from the Lakeshore.  Within these borders Parkdale – High Park is composed of historically unique communities: Parkdale, Swansea and Lambton were all distinct villages with their own municipal histories, and the Roncesvalles strip, the Junction and Bloor West Village are all distinct commercial areas.

We are home to the most important natural treasures of the City: High Park, The Humber River Park System and the Lakeshore.  There is abundant wildlife in these natural systems, including annual fish migrations, deer and coyotes, migrating birds, turtles, snakes and butterflies.

We are a historically important cultural hub: a centre of Canada’s Ukrainian, Polish Maltese, Guyanese/Trinidadian communities and Tibetan communities, we have had strong communities from across the Caribbean, Vietnam, Central Europe and Latin America.  Along with more traditional religious organizations, we are home to Ontario’s oldest Synagogue, magnificent Greek Orthodox and Lebanese Catholic churches, a Hindu temple, the Jami Mosque and the Albanian Muslim Society of Toronto, as well as a large Christian private school and we are home to some left-wing religious personalities – one of whom had a successful career representing us in the Ontario legislature!  Aside from ethnic communities, Parkdale – High Park has traditionally included a high proportion of people who describe themselves as “psychiatric survivors”, a group that has added an important and meaningful dimension to the communities within which they live.  Diversity is more than our strength, it is a long-standing reality of our community.

In recent elections the voting pattern of Parkdale – High Park has been left-wing, but we intend to change this.  Traditionally all three major parties have had strong representation at all levels of government.  Over the last 20 years this has shifted and Conservative candidates have not performed as well as their left-wing counterparts.  By offering the voters great choices in upcoming elections we hope to change the way our neighbours vote and consequently we hope to change the world – for the better!

Democracy only works when there is a choice, and we are that choice.